V4.0 Recruit Release Highlights

V4.0 Recruit Release Highlights:


A New, Redesigned and improved UI to help you achieve your results easier and faster.

New Release

Redesigned and improved the usability of the product with a fresh look

  • We have been constantly working on improving the usability of the application and also reduce the clicks to navigate between the screens.
  • In this process, we have come up with an improved UI and standardized the UI of the screens to display the maximum information possible on each screen. View screens have been removed and redesigned the quick view screens to display more information with better UI.

Following are the other updates for this release and changes done in different Modules.

Email & Alerts will be sent to sales users

  • In Create/Edit Hotlist, when a sales user is assigned to a candidate by selecting in “Assign Sales Users” dropdown, the selected users will be receiving an email notification to the user email and alert in the application.

Display of Hotlist Submissions based on Config Value

  • Now you can see all the hotlist submissions with all statues based on the Config value. In SettingssdValidation Messagessd Enter the preferred days in Hotlist Submissions Config Value.


Previous status roll back in Pipeline

  • In the pipeline, now you can rollback to the status of submission to the previous
  • Previous statuses will be separated by a line.


As we done for all the releases, we have done some deep-cleansing.

Bugs were weeded out and squashed. A few minor performance tweaks also were done.

Ragotham Reddy

Customer Success Engineer at Vultus