V3.7 Recruit Release Highlights

V3.7 Release Highlights:

Following are the updates for this release and changes done in different Modules.

This release comprises of ‘Filters in Hotlist Submissions and Pipeline’, ‘First Name and Last Name are shown in Bulk Contact group and Send Bulk Mail’, ‘Retain pagination/columns in a session’, ‘New Pipeline status in Hotlist Submission & Pipeline’, ’Hotlist widget’, ‘Recent Hotlist Candidate Submissions in dashboard’, ‘Columns dropdown in Hotlist Submissions’ and bug fixes.

Filter Hotlist Submissions and Pipeline with status:

  • Now you can filter the hotlist submissions and pipeline by Status.


First Name and Last Name in Send Bulk Mail and Send Hotlist:

  • Now you can send the Bulk Mails with Addressing recipient by First Name or Last Name when you share hotlist.

• Now you can create / import bulk contact group with first name and last name included in the List.


Retain pagination/columns in a session:

• In all screens of the application, search result of pagination/columns will remain the same in that session.
• When navigated to different screen or paginations, and on return to the previous screen search result will be retained and displayed as previous.

New Pipeline status has been added:

In Pipeline and Hotlist Submissions, new default pipeline statuses has been added. Below is the list of the new statuses:
1. Waiting for Feedback
2. Interview First Round
3. Interview Second Round


Search candidate in Hotlist Submissions:

Now you can search the hotlist candidate from the candidate search textbox, you can enter minimum 3 characters of the candidate name and click on the search icon to get the candidate record.


Hotlist Widget:

• In application, we have introduced the Hotlist Widget to add a Hotlist submission in seconds.
• It helps you in reducing the time to submit a candidate.
• Click sd Plus icon on the right-hand bottom of your screen in the application.
• This icon will be accessable from any of the screens in the application.


Candidate Submission Report:

• Candidate submissions report is now available on Candidate and Hotlist grid.
• This submissions quick report is accessible with a click on this 8 icon.

Recent Hotlist Candidate Submissions:

In Dashboard, we are displaying the top 5 recent hotlist candidate submissions filtered by the logged in user.


Columns dropdown in Hotlist Submissions:

New Location and Submitted Date & Time columns are included in the Hotlist Submission grid.


Ragotham Reddy

Customer Success Engineer at Vultus