V1.6 Connect Release Highlights | Vultus Inc
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V1.6 Connect Release Highlights:

Following are the updates for this release and changes done in different Modules.


Now you can see Gross margin at user level and that too with the last 12 months data.


Now you can delete holidays in Benefits and this option will be displayed based on the role permissions.


Now you track all the follow-up email conversations in the collections follow up screen. To enable this feature, please reach out to the customer support team.


You can send Reminder emails from Workqueue.

“Document Expired” and “Expires Soon” statuses will be displayed based on the dependent document (You can set the dependent document from the admin settings for any user documents).


Uploading multiple attachments for a single document record is possible now and you can restrict the number of attachments for single record from the admin settings.


The system gives you the ability to setup multiple vacation in different periods and tracking the used and balance vacation hours in benefits tab after freezing the payroll period.

Tracking history for Payroll Pay if there is any change in rates.

And, we have squashed many of the small and pesky little bugs.


Customer Success Engineer at Vultus