V1.6.5 Connect Release Highlights | Vultus Inc
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V1.6.5 Connect Release Highlights:

Following are the updates for this release and changes done in different Modules.

Access Next & Previous Timesheets

You can access the previous and next timesheet from timesheet entry screen from Timesheets tab.


Assign pending tasks to another user

You can assign staff user tasks to another staff user if the user is terminated.


Providing contact details in Clients /Vendors module

Clients/Vendor documents will be displayed as separate tab in Clients & Vendor module and you can upload documents by selecting the category.

Clients/Vendor’s contacts will be displayed in edit client screen.


Configurable text for Invoice line items

We can configure invoice line items text from admin module. We implemented templates for invoice line items, whatever you configure in that template will be displayed in the invoice.


Refresh summary counts in Dashboard

For better performance, we are computing dashboard summary offline within max delay of 15 mins and we are displaying updated date & time and we provide you an option to refresh those counts.


Revenue Performance Reports

Segregated C2C and consultant counts (Terminated & New Employees) in Revenue Performance Report.


Renamed Freeze Payroll to Lock Payroll

Freeze Payroll has been renamed to Lock Payroll.


And, we have squashed many of the small and pesky little bugs.


Customer Success Engineer at Vultus