V1.5.9 Connect Release Highlights

V1.5.9 Connect Release Highlights:

Following are the updates for this release and changes done in different Modules.


  • New filter dropdown ‘Work permit’ is added in Users screen.
  • Removed Inhouse developer, Management, Sub contractor & Sub contractor 1099 checkboxes from user permissions.
  • “Sub-contractor”&“Sub-contractor 1099” values added to user type drop down in “Only for Staff” tab. If the user is sub-contractor, then you can select user type as ‘Sub contractor’.


E-Signature feature implemented in user documents by using this option you can send documents for E-signature. This feature is being rolled in a phase wise manner and by 1st week of April, it will be available to all customers. If you want it sooner, please reach out to the support team.


  • Bill Rate, Payroll Pay end dates will be reflected based on the changes in user project end date.
  • ‘Timesheet Template’ dropdown is added in user project screen and selected template will be used while printing the timesheet.
  • 4-Weeks schedule is added for Timesheets and Invoices.


  • Added ACH type in payment drop down.
  • Selected records Quickbook ids will be populated in memo filed.


Upload File and New Payment options will be displayed in action drop down when select the payable record.


User insurance plan will be displayed in payroll report.


  • Last 12 months data will be displayed in Timesheet Invoice Audit Report.
  • No.of times Run/No.of Scheduled mails data will be displayed for each report in Scheduled Report Summary.


  • Implemented Clone Role in Role management.
  • New tab is added as ‘TIAR Configuration’, by using this tab we can configure days for Timesheet Invoice Audit Report.

And, small and not so small bug fixes.



      1. Sub-menuis implemented for the documents and user documents screenis displayed when selected the sub-menu.
      • User Documents

User Documents:

Documents and general forms are displayed in user documents tab.


Ragotham Reddy

Customer Success Engineer at Vultus