V1.5.8 Connect Release Highlights

V1.5.8 Connect Release Highlights:

Following are the updates for this release and changes done in different Modules.


  • We have implemented a new Ticketing Management System, in which your consultants can raise the tickets instead of calling or emailing your staff.
  • To enable this feature, Please contact our Customer Support Team.


  • When terminating a user, in the termination popup now you can track the Termination reason. This can be viewed in Edit, view user screens.


  • Now you can automatically generate the timesheets and invoices which are in pending status till the current date based on the config value.


  • Now you can renew the PO record from edit PO screen.
  • Instead of creating the new PO record, you can edit the PO and extend the end date for the existing PO record. An icon will be displayed, which indicates the PO record is extended.
  • If the file is uploaded for extended PO, then the record will be displayed in workqueue under Verification status as Required.


  • In Dashboard, we are displaying the Summary of Documents and Projects.
  • When clicks on the summary count, then the page will navigate to the workqueue screen of respective tabs.

And, small and not so small bug fixes.



      1. Sub-menuis implemented for the documents and user documents screenis displayed when selected the sub-menu.
      • User Documents

User Documents:

Documents and general forms are displayed in user documents tab.


Ragotham Reddy

Customer Success Engineer at Vultus