Workforce Manager for all.

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Time & Money

Swift and accurate invoicing, seamlessly integrated with dynamic time tracking. Receive Timesheets on time from source, review with actual’s and invoices are autogenerated and that too without any errors, all this in 2 clicks.


Custom TimeSheet Schedule

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly – Whatever be the timesheet Schedule, the app can effectively handle it for you. Set different schedules for different projects.

Auto-Fill Hours

Allow your consultants to fill time sheets with auto-fill options and help your finances make progress uninterrupted from the source.

Easy Administration

Fast and detailed view of Submitted/Reviewed/Approved timesheets in one place. Easy to track and act on all the timesheets.

Remind Them Gently

Set up auto email reminders to gently nudge your consultants to enter hours. You configure when you want these reminders, and we will deliver.

Approval Workflow

Do you want a timesheet review and approval process? We have it. And yes, you can alter as per your needs.

Realizing Client Projects

Create and manage client-projects with all the crucial details like Project information.

User Projects – Drive All

All your time & money dealings with the clients are set up here – project details, invoicing plan, timesheet schedule, rates, tasks, and many other details for transactional purposes.


Individual or Grouped Invoices

You can configure the app to build an invoice for each consultant or combine invoice for all consultants in a Project.

Minimize billing errors

No more errors in your invoices as we cut out manual data entry.

Sync In with QuickBooks

Do you use QuickBooks for financials? No worries, use our integration and sync everything with QB and be worry-free. Never create an invoice in QB again.

Expenses Tendered Clear

Consultant expenses – you pay it or you pass it? Do the needful with a click. Allocate it to payroll or assign it to your customer, who will receive an invoice instantly.

Auto Generation of Invoices

On submission of a timesheet, based on your approval process, invoices are instantly created by the system with the approved timesheets attached to it. The app also merges all the approved timesheets into a single PDF file.

Your Branded Invoices

Create customized invoices with your style, branding and custom messages. Or Use our professional styled standard templates.

Never Delay Invoice

Always know which invoice is delayed and why. Be it delay in timesheets submissions, approval or delivering the invoice, we have everything tracked, so that you will never miss it.

Compliance / Immigration

Compliance is critical for any business. We’ll help you manage your compliance obligations. Keep track of employee work authorization and immigration details.
Secure Document Vault

Store, file, and access all your essential data like contracts, letters of employment, references, I-9, W-4, etc.

Queue your Work

We help you stay on top of all of your compliance deadlines by presenting your action items. It is the A-list that tells you what you need to work on.

Review to be Safe

We could all use another set of eyes. Set up a review and approval process for all documents and information be recorded into the app. This review process helps in eliminating any errors and avoid huge fines.

Mark it in your Calendar

Instantly and effortlessly sync all of the deadlines to your team calendar, so you always know when to take action.

Never Miss anything

You are alerted when any necessary documentation is missing or when something comes up for renewal/resubmission. Payroll set up is missing, the system will inform you about that. Invoices are missing, or on hold, you are made aware of those. These are only a few of the many ways that we ensure you are compliant always.

Accounts Receivables & Payables

Taking the pain out of collections and payments. Know which client invoices are due, follow up with emails and Collect on time. Track all vendor payables in one screen and know who to pay when.
Be on Top, not Under Dues

Identify your delayed invoices or projects that were not invoiced yet. Efficiently execute client communications with a structured process that sends reminders, and centrally records all activity.

Collection Report

Schedule reports to your inbox and be on top of your collections. Track your Payments, Open Invoices, and Aging statements. No need to have your accounts team prepare and send you a report.

Make Cashflow Healthy

Track invoice status in real time and estimate your cash flow. Achieve healthier cash flows by taking necessary actions on the pending invoices.

Rewarding with Discounts

Do you give discounts to your clients or vendors? Track them within the app and also assign them to the relevant invoice.

Track all payments

Enter all payments against the invoices for reporting and forecasting.

Give the Credit

Track client/vendor credits from excess or advance payments collected.

Extensive Reporting

Generate reports on payments, invoices, credits, client, vendors, and more. Know your real-time company financials whenever you need it.

Payables Automated

Generate invoices for Corp-to-Corp/Sub-Contract Vendors automatically with an auto-assignment of Invoice date & Due date.


Payroll is complicated and time-consuming. Our app makes it simple, uncomplicated and all you need to do is only 2 clicks. The system does all the number crunching, taking into account – projects, timesheets, expenses, vacation, deductions. Throw all your excel workbooks into the recycle bin and process an error-free payroll effortlessly.
Configurable Pay Structures

Pay by the hour, pay fixed for the month or based on an annual salary – whatever be you pay structure, we have it for you. Set up a pay structure for each consultant.

10 to 10,000 or more

Vultus Connect has everything you require to manage your payroll whether you are 10 or 10,000 employees.

Consolidated Payroll Report

Review the payroll calculations for all employees on one screen. View the projects, hours, rates for every consultant and get an overview of how much payroll you will be processing.

Project-based Pay Structure

Run variable payroll with the calculation based on the pay structure set up for each consultant for each project, which takes into account the hourly pay, overtime, and bonus.

Auto Payroll Calculation

Our app crunches all the numbers starting from the timesheet hours, expenses, reimbursements, deductions, over time, bonus among many other things to calculate the final payroll amount based on the consultant pay structure.

Employee 360

Successfully manage your company’s human capital in a way that increases productivity and operational efficiency.
Secured Employee Database

Manage all your employee data online, in one secure place. Search and track all information with least effort and from anywhere.

Eliminate manual entry

Send the consultant information from Recruit to Connect and create an employee record automatically.

Excel & Paper move to the Cloud

Transform all your disordered excel workbooks and heaps of documents into online records. Be organized, be updated and free your staff from the boring and time taking operational duties.

Be Insured

Ensure every consultant is covered under insurance. Keep track of all the relevant information on insurance – plans, premiums, dates, and more. All deductions are calculated and included in payroll for you automatically.

Paperless Onboarding

Send offer letters and get everything set up for your new hires in minutes and that too without touching a single piece of paper.

Document Vault

Store essential HR documents such as offer letters, I-9’s, H1-B, and W-4s online. Restrict who can access and who can upload.

Sign it with e-Sign

Collect electronic signatures for a modern onboarding experience. Go are the days of printing, signing, scanning. It is time to give your consultants some digital action.

Expense Goes Mobile

Consultants can quickly scan bills, upload and raise expenses requests from their mobile. They can track the status from submission to payout as well.

Be there for your employees

Our tasks module tool helps you take care of all requests from your consultants. Employees can raise tickets, and you can track them and reply to them instantly.

Effortless Expenses

Work with a customizable and adaptable expense module, which has seamless integration with payroll. Capture and process per diem, mileage, food and your custom expense types as well. Attribute expenses to profit centers for accounting purposes.

Employee Self Service

Giving the power to consultants to help themselves. Engage your employees like never before, with everything they need available anywhere – desktop or mobile.
Submit TimeSheets

Consultants can swiftly and efficiently submit their timesheets from anywhere. With the mobile app, they fill the hours, take a picture of the approved timesheet and click submit. It is that simple.

Document Repository

Give your consultants the ability to upload their documents and also view/download company documents. Reduce the administrative work for your HR team.

Ticketing to Assist

Your consultants do not have to call you to raise any requests. Just have them raise a ticket. Your team gets an alert, and they can answer it immediately.

Benefiting from the Benefits

When the consultants can see all their benefits – holidays, insurance, their vacation in the app, they will never have to look out for help.

Submit Expenses Worry Free

Have your consultants submit their incurred expenses conveniently from within the app – web or mobile. Gone are the days of filling an excel, scanning and emailing the bills. Setting up an approval process gives you peace of mind.


Always know how your business is performing. Get into the details with our comprehensive reporting and analytics that matter to you. Run reports to get quick results and execute confident decisions.
Don’t Guess, Know how much you’re making

With our financial reports, you no longer have to guess how your business is doing. Get real-time and accurate data in the format you need and delivered right to your mailbox.

Measure your Margins

Calculate your gross margins & net margins for an employee or for a time period. Identify where and how much margin you are making.

Keep a tab on your cash flow

Follow the cash flowing in and out of your business, so there are no surprises.

Identify who owes you

Always be on top of your open invoices, customer balances, and past due amounts.

Profits are Good

Generate or schedule reports of your revenue with actual & overhead costs. Also, the app can give you a report with revenue comparison across time periods.

Plan the Future

Take the guesswork out of planning. Track current trends to make better decisions for your business.


Click to Call using VOIP

Call your clients or vendors or consultants directly from the system with the click of a button. Also, be alerted with the contact information when someone calls and also takes notes when you are talking to them. Always know the metrics related to the calls. Our app integrated with Vitel Global and VOIP office.

Sign Electronically with e-Sign

Adapt and make way for hassle-free and time-saving E-Sign integration. Add signing parties, customize the drag & drop the signature fields in the right places through the document. Everybody will be kept in the loop, and once all the parties have signed, they will receive a copy. Keep track of the status of the document you send.

Be Quick with QuickBooks

Even though a majority of the work is being done in Vultus Connect, you would need to prepare your financial reports, balance sheets, etc. No need to manually enter all the information, sync Connect with your QuickBooks software and get all the invoices, expenses, payments data.

  • Syncing reduces data entry efforts and also minimizes errors.
  • Simplify your operations by integrating Vultus with QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Save money & workforce by eliminating duplicate data entries.

Let all your relevant business information & employee details be in one place while using sync between the two systems.

Clients & Vendors

Manage all your client and vendor information in one place, instead of using another CRM tool.
Effortless CRM

Your very own CRM inside a workforce manager. Manage all your client and vendor information in one place, instead of using another CRM tool. Upload and link all the documents like contracts, COI, W9, ACH files. Everything about the client on one screen.

And much more…

Complete Workforce Manager

Vultus Connect Mobile – the trimmed down version of the comprehensive workforce management tool for the mobile. You now can enter and approve timesheets, view documents, review company financials and much more. Highlights of our mobile app – Clean and crisp UI, sync functionality, fingerprint security, and a local DB – so that app works offline as well.


Want to announce a policy change or wish to convey wishes to your consultants? Easy. Use Connect to share announcements with everyone. Gone are the days of broadcasting and adding clutter to the Inbox.

IP Restriction

Controlled login access at the user level by specifying a range of allowed IP addresses for a user. When you define IP address restrictions for a user, log in from any other IP address is denied.

Role Security

Control module and data access by creating roles for the different type of users across different teams.

Data Encryption

We secure all your data with SSL encryption. Moreover, you can limit access to your account to only specific IP addresses.


You can customize and configure the application and its workflow per your needs. It’s easy and quick. Customize the workflow processes, settings, reminders, etc.