Why Vultus Connect

Workforce Management Software, Staffing Localized

Vultus Connect is an all rounded Workforce Manager that completes several payroll and allied processes through a single dashboard. Payslips, invoicing and timesheets can be recorded, generated and shared in a hassle-free manner. In addition to that Vultus Connect also manages employee documents, their benefits and expenses computation. It archives and stores insurance information that can be plugged in for future calculations. As a workforce management solution, Vultus Connect is designed to organize your workforce, optimize project budgets and complete payroll operations.

Reduce Billing Errors

Enable timely Invoicing by reducing billing errors. Get Time Sheets in time from source, review with actual’s and submit without errors.

Drive Engagement

Make announcements to your Consultants. They are your employees, let them know you and let them know you are their corporate service.

Happy Consultants

Know your action items on consultants. Their deadlines are your’s, let them focus on what they are good at. Allowing you to focus on their formalities.

Forecast Flows

Timely Invoicing is timely receivables, time receivables depend on timely time sheet submissions. Configurable alerts and flags to be on time.

  • Access manage all employee-related information
  • Give employees access to perform simple tasks like report & document submission, review and update
  • Create organizational notifications
  • Allow employees to update information and perform other self-service tasks
  • Organize and store profiles and job announcements
user information
  • Track insurance statuses (Health, Dental, Life, etc.)
  • Access and process all relevant information quickly and securely
  • Store and manage annual leave, holiday and sick days requests
  • Track available and used leaves
  • Set approval reminders
  • Manage leave information
  • Set automated expiration reminders
  • Access timesheets and employee utilization metrics on the go
  • Configure compliance support in every state
  • Set a pre-decided list of holidays
  • Determine loss of productive hours
  • Keep track of employee work authorization and immigration details
  • Store, file and access important data like contracts, letters of employment, references, I-9, W-4, etc.
  • Create alerts for document renewal/resubmission
  • Attach multiple formats of soft copies
user documents
  • Supervise LCAs and H1B-related authorizations
  • Track green card application status
  • Manage employee work permits
  • Keep track of custom expiry green card processing
  • Store authorization documents in a secure, easily-accessible place
  • Integrate accounting and expense monitoring
  • Set up payroll schedule and format
  • Calculate payroll automatically based on input data
  • Manage payroll export and import
  • File tax-related information and documents
  • Check data against compliance and regulatory requirements in every state
  • Issue online pay statements for employees
  • Integrate payroll data with your organization’s accounting system
  • Collect, group and store client & vendor contact information and history
  • Manage access privileges to the address book
  • Track business development activity
  • Forecast revenue based on client-specific data
  • Maintain all user-projects and crucial details like Project Information, Billing client and address info, bill rate, at single place.
  • Create respective Timesheet, Invoice schedules as per User project, also use custom dates in generating the schedules.
  • Workqueue screen displays all User projects that are ending soon, Making your work easier for follow ups on the soon ending projects.
  • Review contracts and interact with vendors
  • Upload, store and send relevant documents and information
  • Create and monitor projects
  • Track and approve tasks
New client/vendor
  • Oversee project-specific information
  • Set employee viewing and access restrictions
  • Delegate and assign responsibilities
  • Define budgetary guidelines
  • Quickly access purchase orders
  • Send e-mails to clients and vendors directly from the tool
  • Delegate roles and responsibilities within a project
  • One click submission of the timesheets for the consultants from dashboard. View all the submitted/reviewed/approved timesheets at single place for different projects.
  • Track the pending timesheets and follow up with consultants by sending the reminder emails on single click.
  • Timesheet entry screen is displayed with list of activities frequently used, making it easy for the users to submit the hours. Ability to add new activities during timesheet submission.
timesheet Management
  • Generate invoices based on submitted timesheets
  • Attach and e-mail invoices to clients 0n single click
  • Minimize billing errors
  • Customize invoice templates and frequency options
Billing Details
  • Manage multiple payments
  • Set due date notifications
  • Submit invoices from the tool on a single click
  • Export billing data in multiple formats
  • Store and manage all company-related expenses
  • Submit multiple bills simultaneously
  • Create customized reports
  • Track and submit expenses on the go
  • Export raw data in various formats
  • Store expense and reimbursement reports in one place for easy access
  • Generate expense reports with a single click
  • Track expenses and transactions for multiple currencies
  • Create and Manage Employee holiday list.
  • Manage Insurance details of consultants.
  • Avoid Employee duplicate insurance details.
  • Manage Employee – Employer Insurance payments.
  • Configure Employee Benefits.
  • Access employee insurance anywhere anytime.

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Client, Projects & Vendors

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Customer Testimonials

  • Vultus Connect is easy to use like QB and I like one invoice option i.e. simple and easy. Once upload timesheets Vultus connect create the invoice automatically.

    Logic Planet
  • A well-crafted user interface and ease of use make Vultus Connect a great tool that has been minimizing process time and maximizing efficiency in our organization. Personally, I felt many of the functions performed by Vultus are smart and efficient. Most importantly the management reports are a charm! And love them seeing on my mobile device too! With Vultus, invoice generation for us is a click of a button! Our consultant's rate Vultus an A+, for the ease with which they manage their time sheets and immigration documents.

    iOmega Technologies
  • The software is built well with comprehensive modules with very good integration between them. Vultus Connect and Recruit has been immensely helpful to our line of business primarily helping with streamlining the workflows in our organization and tightly integrating all the workflows provide a smooth business work flow. The customer support has been excellent providing around the clock support and have been very helpful. Keep it going Vultus team!

    Hadiamondstar Software Solutions LLC
  • It is feasible to run our operation with ease and track our employee data with zero errors.Having access to enter and track their hours along with personal documents, it help us cut down to follow up calls with employees.Payroll module helps us deliver quick payroll entries with a better cash flow with excellent service and support.

    Saven Technologies