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Vultus Connect – Reports

Have a wide range of advanced metrics with the ability to slice and dice into multiple levels. Our reports enable you to focus on the need and help you make informed decisions

  • Monitor company overall performance.
  • Observe revenue forecasts
  • Monitor compliance and revenue metrics
  • Save and export expense and reimbursement reports
  • Benefit from multi-layered security
  • Choose from standardized timesheets, invoice, audit, insurance reports, payroll and other report templates
  • Generate critical reports on payroll, sales margin and other annual metrics in the management module of the system
  • Export reports in multiple formats from the tool
  • Secure access to files and reports
  • Track audits and issue reminder alerts
  • Issue standard statutory reports on compliance
  • Add custom fields to reports for HR record-keeping
  • Extract data to review and assess payroll
  • Track metrics on costs, overtime, productivity, absences and more
  • Support for additional reporting tailored to your specific company needs
  • Manage sharing, access and viewing privileges