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Vultus Connect – Payroll Management

Manage payroll and expenses at your convenience through a single platform quickly and securely. Export and archive all reports to a safe location on a cloud and access them anytime, anywhere.


Payroll Management

  • Integrate accounting and expense monitoring
  • Set up payroll schedule and format
  • Calculate payroll automatically based on input data
  • Manage payroll export and import

Benefits Management

  • Integrate employment loans and repayment schedules with the payroll module
  • Accurately track logged hours and schedules
  • Automatic pay check deductions for federal, state, and local taxes
  • Manage employee access for online reporting and time logging
  • File tax-related information and documents
  • Check data against compliance and regulatory requirements in every state
  • Issue online pay statements for employees
  • Integrate payroll data with your organization’s accounting system