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Vultus Connect – Employee Management

The Employee Management feature has everything you need to successfully manage your company’s human capital in a way that minimizes downtime and improves operational efficiency. Multiple options allow for the storing, submission and tracking of employee-critical data like timesheets, status reports, days off requests, authorization and immigration details.


Employee Information

  • Access manage all employee-related information
  • Give employees access to perform simple tasks like report & document submission, review and update
  • Create organizational notifications
  • Allow employees to update information and perform other self-service tasks
  • Organize and store profiles and job announcements

Benefits Administration

  • Track insurance statuses (Health, Dental, Life, etc.)
  • Access and process all relevant information quickly and securely
  • Store and manage annual leave, holiday and sick days requests
  • Track available and used leaves
  • Set approval reminders
  • Manage leave information
  • Set automated expiration reminders
  • Access timesheets and employee utilization metrics on the go
  • Configure compliance support in every state
  • Set a pre-decided list of holidays
  • Determine loss of productive hours

Documents & Immigration Management

  • Keep track of employee work authorization and immigration details
  • Store, file and access important data like contracts, letters of employment, references, I-9, W-4, etc.
  • Create alerts for document renewal/resubmission
  • Attach multiple formats of soft copies
  • Supervise LCAs and H1b-related authorizations
  • Track green card application statuses
  • Manage employee work permits
  • Keep track of custom expiry green card processing
  • Store authorization documents in a secure, easily-accessible place