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Vultus Connect – Clients, Contacts & Vendors

One stop solution that enables you to manage all business functions for a seamless, integrated and optimized workflow. Functional e-tools built in the Vultus Platform allow you to manage client profiles, projects and vendor communication to ensure maximum operational efficiency.

  • Collect, group and store client & vendor contact information and history
  • Manage access privileges to the address book
  • Track business development activity
  • Forecast revenue based on client-specific data
  • Review contracts and interact with vendors
  • Upload, store and send relevant documents and information
  • Create and monitor projects
  • Track and approve tasks
  • Oversee project-specific information
  • Set employee viewing and access restrictions
  • Delegate and assign responsibilities
  • Define budgetary guidelines
  • Quickly access purchase orders
  • Send e-mails to clients and vendors directly from the tool
  • Delegate roles and responsibilities within a project