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Manage Your Jobs

Create, Track and Publish job postings, from your recruitment software.
List Open Positions

Create job postings with all the essential details – Manually or Parse it.

Publish Your Jobs

You know best where your potentials candidates are. Publish jobs on various job boards and social media channels of your choice.

Know your Pipeline

Design your workflow and accurately track how candidates go through different statuses. Pipeline is the section that manages your candidate stages from submission to placement. Track and change the status of candidates as they progress through the recruitment process.

Assign Teams & Schedule Interviews

Assign every job posting to one recruiter or the entire recruiting team. Reach out & schedule interviews by sending meeting invites to candidates & interviewers.

Job Tracking

Have a clear view, track positions & stay informed about clients & candidates. Track, View & Shortlist candidate’s applications as per the job requirement. No need to go through hundreds of candidates details and lose your way while searching.

Career Site

Post your jobs to your own branded & customizable career site on your website. Quick & Easy deployment.

Job postings from VMS

Reduce data entry by linking Vultus Recruit with your clients VMS. Get all the latest job posting and updates in real-time. No more VMS login required.


Parse resumes, Store Candidate Data, Search with ease.
Resume Parsing

The Vultus resume parser translates all the data from each resume into searchable data. Every bit of information from the resume is extracted and added to your database.

Know the Origins

Always know the source where the resume arrived from. Job board name or vendor or referral – you will have it. This helps to choose your best source of good candidates.

Understand the Candidate

Everything you need to know about a candidate – resume, emails, interaction history, interview scores, feedback, and notes – in one place. When you look up a candidate, you get a complete story about him or her. Every interaction – emails, # of submissions, the interview feedback, calls, all his resumes, everything is accessible and apparent.

One Candidate, One Profile

Never worry about when or how many times or from where the candidate applies or your recruiter sources the resume, we will eliminate duplicates and store only one profile. Each candidate has only one profile but can possess all his historical resumes, and of course, the latest one is on the top.

Parse from Anywhere

Parse resumes from your outlook or Gmail. Parse them from your desktop or mobile. Parse a single resume or 100’s and even 1000’s of resumes. Perform Bulk Resume Parsing from your desktop using our Windows Plugin.

Score the Candidate

Rate each candidate based on his skills, his marketability and any other parameters you need. Doing this helps you identify the top candidates who you can choose for submissions.


Market and place your HOT consultants with great ease. Your sales team will always be celebrating.
Hotlist Data

Keep track of all your bench candidates in one place. Get all the required data related to them on a single screen.


View, Track and Manage all bench submission and get into the details with a single click.

Market Hotlist

Send your hotlist via mass emails to all your contacts, swiftly and effortlessly with a single click.

Hotlist Workflow

Your hotlist. Your Workflow. Customize the process as per your company’s workflow.

Hotlist Campaigns

Group your consultants into different sets using campaigns and use different marketing strategies for each campaign.

Conduct Interviews

Instantly schedule an interview and notify the candidate and interviewer, in the same click. Also, send yourself an email reminder event as well.

Mass Mailing

Market your hotlist or broadcast your requirements with all your contacts and vendors via emails.
Reach your Audience

Reach & Nurture prospects – candidates, contacts, and vendors by sending customized emails.

Bulk Emails

Send personalized emails to multiple candidates and never miss out a potential hire. Any number of emails, any time – all of them are sent like swoosh.

Measure Mass Mails Performance

Get exhaustive details on your hotlist email campaigns – delivery, bounces, opens, clicks, etc. Also, we keep your lists clean and your domain healthy. Our intelligent algorithms handle all bounces, and necessary actions are initiated.

Customize Your Email Templates

Standardize communication and make mass mailing interesting by making it work your way. Customize the email to reflect your brand colors, select the columns you want to share and your email signature as well.

Outlook Plug-in

Send mass email campaign directly from your Outlook using the Vultus Recruit Outlook plugin without the need to login to the web app. You must have all the data set up already.

Gmail Plug-in

Marketing your hotlist or Send mass email campaign directly from your Gmail using the plugin. Coming Soon.


Using AI and Machine Learning to help you evolve with your needs.
Evaluate Candidates

Assess the candidates using custom questionnaires when they apply to your job. These questionnaires will help you filter the best of all the applicants. You can create any number of these questionnaires for any number for job openings.

Make Placements

After all the sourcing, searching and interviews, now make an offer, from your recruiting software. Customize the placement fields, capture all the details. You can also send this information to Vultus Connect to start the onboarding process.

Calculate Margins

You can calculate the profit margins for each placement, each team & entire organization. It will help the recruiting and sales teams estimate their commissions as well.

Communicate with Candidates

Send personalized messages to your candidates and engage them. Personalization of message will make way for candidates to respond more willingly.

Resume bot

Automate your resume search on job boards, using our intelligent and smart bots. Others call it resume harvesting – we call it a BOT because it not harvesting (like a crop). The bot sources, scores and communicates and does not just gather. These bots work in the background to source candidates and engage them. This bot is built using AI and Machine Learning because of which it keeps learning from your recruiters on what kind of resumes work for you. This feature is in the beta stages and will be released soon to all users.


VOIP Integration

Call your contacts or candidates from within the application. Place outbound calls from any module where phone numbers are displayed. Just click and make a call. For all inbound calls, you will receive alerts presenting the contact details. You can also track call logs, times and make notes.

VMS Integration

Cut data entry by linking Vultus Recruit with your clients VMS. Get all the latest job posting and updates in real-time automatically. No more VMS login required. Submissions made to these jobs, Vultus Recruit will push them to the VMS. All status changes will be reflected in real-time so that you will always be working on relevant data.

Social Media

Leveraging social to market your company and jobs.


Post jobs to your Facebook page using the career site link. Candidates will be added directly into the Vultus database when they apply.


Effortlessly share the job openings to your LinkedIn profiles. Instant job sharing to your connections with just one click gives an added advantage to recruiters to get suitable profiles for a job.


Tweet your jobs and find the most active & passive candidates with Vultus Recruit. It empowers you to spread the word, particularly from your ATS to Twitter.

Outlook Integration

A fully featured packed plugin for your Outlook. You can parse resumes directly, Create Job Postings from an email and Make submissions from your outlook! Moreover, you can create new contacts by picking an email and also leverage the advantage of Outlook for Mass Mailing.

Resume Parsing

Parse resumes directly from Outlook using our Plugin. You can parse all resumes in one email or a folder.

Job Parsing

Create Job Postings from an email. Select an email, click add and we will parse the email to create a job. It is that simple.

Add Contacts

Create new contacts from outlook by picking an email. Increase your team’s productivity and decrease clicks.


Make submissions from your outlook! Comfortably Submit candidates to jobs and also make hotlist submissions straight from your Outlook.

Email Add

Add relevant and essential emails to the app with a click. Never lose email even if you Outlook.

Folder Parsing

Do you keep all resumes in one folder in Outlook? Parse all those into the system automatically.

Send Mass Mails

Leverage Outlook for Mass Mailing. Use Outlook to send mass emails to all your contacts and vendors.

Contact Groups

Parse all email addresses in your Outlook and add them to your contact groups.

Gmail Integration

Everything you can do with Outlook, Now coming to Gmail. You can parse resumes, create job postings, make submissions. Moreover, you can create new contacts by picking an email and perform Mass Mailing.

Career Site

Present all your job postings on your website careers page by just pasting one line of code on the page. No coding necessary. You can have candidates can upload their resumes and also answer a questionnaire.

Windows Plugin

Upload all resumes from your desktop or shared drive to Vultus. Better to parse and move them on to the cloud.


Analyze and Determine your actions based on Metrics. Always be updated, prepared & informed.
User-Friendly Dashboard

All the information related from Account activity to Interview report & Sales performance can be accessed from a single dashboard. Have all critical parameters at your fingertips; one location, one format, all there all at once.

Scheduled Reports

Waste no time in getting a comprehensive overview of all recruitment and sales activity, quickly, accurately, and at a glance. Schedule various reports and get them delivered to your Inbox and take action without logging into the app.

Metrics Measured

You need to know what’s happening – Openings Vs Submissions Vs Interviews Vs Placements, you don’t need to spend all day figuring it out. Evaluate your recruiting or sales team performance with our real-time reports.

Progressive Decisions

Extract and condense data and reports, across an array of metrics, to cross-analyze performance and to extrapolate future trends. Monitor changes and export data of activity at a click.

Identify the loopholes

Get to know the impediments by identifying the gaps and improve your processes. Need to know which team is lagging or which client is not working, etc., you can do that with our reports suite.


Strengthening relationships with your clients and vendors.
Contacts on the go

Have all the required information needed about your Clients and Vendors in one place. Be it contact information, contracts, notes or anything else; it is accessible easily.

Create New Relations

We give you the ability to create new clients or vendors, but you can formulate any relationships – Hotlist Vendor, Sub-Contractor, Implementation Partner, etc.

Nurture Existing Relations

Real-time information on client or vendor activity will make way for better and constructive communication with your clients. Additionally, the app will tag all emails you send to your contacts against them for reference.

Don’t miss the Specifics

Make a note of all the work specifics related to clients. Keeping a track record will let you know all the requirements a client has asked for.

Vendor Analysis

Analyze which vendor is working out for you and which vendor you need to work on improving your relationship.

And lot more…

Custom Fields

For you to enter all your data, we have given many fields. But if you still need more, you can add custom fields across a few modules.

Conduct Meetings

Take up meetings with the teams on their submissions, pipeline, interviews, and placements. Create and Assign tasks to your team members.

Task Management

No need for another task management tool. Have your team update the progress. Follow up with them using comments.


You can configure the application and its workflow per your needs. It’s effortless and straightforward. Customize the statuses, views, table columns and required fields.

User-Specific Access Control

Control module and data access by creating roles for the different type of users across different teams.

Your data is Secure

We secure all your data with SSL encryption. Moreover, you can limit access to your account to only specific IP addresses.

How it works and what you get

You get the most affordable cloud-based applicant tracking system. From creating a job to placing candidates, we give all the tools you need – publishing jobs to the world, sourcing candidates from job boards, scheduling interviews to managing pipelines.

  • Task management
  • Support 24/7
  • Real time status updates

  • Scheduling
  • Campaign management
  • Modern layouts