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Recruit the best with our cloud-based recruitment solution that allows you to stay connected with the vendors and candidates throughout the placement cycle. Vultus Recruit enables you to publish jobs in a snap and cater to all your hiring needs. Keep an eye on individual performances and track net profit margin on each placement. A one-stop solution for all your vendor information, the submissions made to a client and mass emailing.

Reduce Time to Fill

Increase your Recruiters / Bench Sales productivity by integrating Requirement to Recruitment. Let Candidate fall through the leak proof process.

Drive Engagement

Reach more prospects with in-built HR CRM. Make noise on Social, Job Boards and let Candidates apply through your company Career Page.

Switch Screens

Save valuable users time with outlook plugin services. Account, Candidate, Mailing, Opening and Submission straight from outlook. We value your time

Happy Clients

Get the right candidate at the right time. Your client can have access to diversified skill set data, be ahead of competition with reduce Turn around time.

Automatically parse applicant information into the applicant database with multi-facet filtering options. Recruit enables you to organize, track, and coordinate the required information. Have full access to information.

  • Have a clear view, track positions & stay informed about clients & candidates.
  • A smooth, efficient & smart way of finding the top candidate in seconds with our intelligent searching.
  • Collectively & collaboratively evaluate your candidates.
  • Directly attach the required documentation without any help of additional database management.
  • Keep track of the candidate resume.
  • Effectively sort candidates into different categories based on the skillset.
  • Better results are derived from optimized communication.
  • Submit, Share & Collaborate profile of candidates without any row.
  • Let your Managers easily access, manage and perform all critical tasks from one place.
  • Note Taking:What exactly is Note Taking? Well, it lets you allow each person assigned to have access to the updated information specific to that particular candidate or client.
  • Maintain and record better notes and ensure all the parties see them.
  • Don’t lose track of the candidates from the minute he/she was added to the database to the current date and time.
  • Get all the information you need with a single glance by following, updating with a single click tracking tool.
  • With Vultus Recruit parse multiple resumes at one shot.
  • Make use of parsing via email or from outlook plugin
  • Download & Upload profiles by eliminating the age-old process of entering details manually. 
  • Adapt to a smarter version of uploading resumes from multiple sources in one click.
  • Load all your resumes via batch process as well.

Create & post jobs openings and reach to different mediums, all at one click. Manage & Organize all your openings on offer with a simple, efficient interface.

  • Have a quick view and edit all your openings.
  • Easily attach and have access to Supplemental Documentation.
  • Flexibility to customize opening forms, fields & workflows.
  • Label, Flag, Tag or assign openings to specific recruiters.
  • Provide access to openings.
  • Have a clear view, track positions & stay informed about clients & candidates.
  • Be in the loop from opening creation till placement.
  • Easily monitor, track & manage the applicant status with our dynamic access controls.
  • Reach out & schedule interviews by sending meeting invites to candidates & interviewers.
  • Be on your toes by integrating interview management tools which help you in scheduling the interview fast.
  • Post your openings on Job Boards like – Monster, Glassdoor, Dice, Career Builder, Tech Fetch
  • Let Social Networks ease out your search. As you can post your Openings on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.
  • Send & Share Openings via mass emails to all of your contacts/candidates/vendors.
  • Don’t let Mobile stay behind. Post your Openings via mobile too.
  • Make your own branded & customizable career page.
  • Flexible, intuitive & easy to carry out implementation.
  • Opt-In for Opening Subscription.
  • Quick & Easy deployment.
  • Get the maximum as it’s free.

Streamline sales process by creating a one-click pathway to the candidate list, clients, pending work, etc. Maintain your settings while organizing your working bench/hotlist.

  • Monitor, Review and keep track of your exact hotlist submissions.
  • Keep track of all your bench candidates in one place.
  • You can always customize by setting filters, defined keywords to keep track of your candidates. All in one location with a constant understanding.
  • Get a detailed view of the current trends in the market field.
  • Update your status with one click.
  • Send as many emails as you want as there is no limit in spreading the word through emails.
  • Make it work in your style & way by customizing email templates.
  • Alternatively, you can use our standard templates if you wish to.
  • It’s a lot easier to send emails to your hotlist contacts at the click of a button.
  • Prioritize your search options and keep track of your best opportunities.
  • Perform submission to clients/vendors from Recruit by excluding the need to download a resume.
  • Just attach to an email and send the resume from Recruit itself.
  • Attach resumes from Recruit via email and have a simplified submission.
  • You can schedule interviews for your consultants through Recruit itself.
  • Multiple submissions for a single candidate. Get notified with timely alerts.
  • Assess your consultant’s track record.
  • Create extensive reports, scheduled at frequent intervals and export them.
  • Measure your sales team productivity.
  • Work on the gaps for further improvement and have a clear idea about TAT.
  • Super fast mass mailing service.
  • Email all your contacts about the hotlist candidates with one click.
  • Make a long story short by advertising & promoting your openings.
  • Reach out to targeted candidates from your database.
  • Email Metrics – Sent, Received, Opened or Bounced – Know it all.
  • Boolean style keyword searches help you in finding candidates by name, attribute, or data input.
  • Filter the fields what you want need by utilizing quick filter.
  • Find the right candidate at the right time for the right job.
  • Manage your candidate pipeline along with your overall candidate pool.
  • View, Correct & Update the overall progress of candidates through the hiring process.
  • Know all and stay ahead by gaining an accurate overview of all the steps.
  • Create, edit and monitor all your placements in one place.
  • Input different rates and project details with customized placement forms.
  • Calculate the profit margins for each placement, each team & entire organization.
  • Get detailed reports on placement activities.
  • Export data to excel and CSV.

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True Cloud
True Cloud
Vultus is always on the run with an average uptime of 99% reported.
Admin Driven
Admin Driven
100% Control and permissions for the admin to access the application.
Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery
Vultus will protect your Data from the effects of significant negative scenario and recover last 15min of your data.
24/7 Support
24/7 Support
We at VULTUS provide 24/7 uninterrupted support to our customers.
Migration Assistance
Migration Assistance
We at VULTUS offer you a full migration on premise infrastructure.
Multilayer Security
Multilayer Security
24X7, 365 Days Round the clock protection by our private security monitors.
Lowest Pricing
Lowest Pricing
Automate your US IT Staffing business with our most affordable ATS and Workforce Solutions .
In-app Chat
In-app Chat
Chat with our customer support while working in the application and send screenshots for immediate resolve.

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