Why Vultus Recruit

A Staffing Localized Recruitment Software

A cloud based recruitment solution that allows you to discover talent, connect with human resources and find your most appropriate Recruit. Fulfil different ‘people’ needs within your organization across seamlessly inter-connected processes and systems. Substitute your complex set of recruitment systems with an easy, quick and smart recruitment software. One platform to manage your human resources and customers.

Reduce Time to Fill

Increase your Recruiters / Bench Sales productivity by integrating Requirement to Recruitment. Let Candidate fall through the leak proof process.

Drive Engagement

Reach more prospects with in-built HR CRM. Make noise on Social, Job Boards and let Candidates apply through your company Career Page.

Switch Screens

Save valuable users time with outlook plugin services. Account, Candidate, Mailing, Opening and Submission straight from outlook. We value your time

Happy Clients

Get the right candidate at the right time. Your client can have access to diversified skill set data, be ahead of competition with reduce Turn around time.


  • Update and alter candidate information at a click.
  • Search, query, categorize, and filter candidates, and view status and attributes in real  time.
  • Attach related documentation directly to their name without additional database management.
  • System also helps tracks the source of the candidate resume.
  • Sort all candidates into different collections based on skills.


  • Optimized communications warrant better results.
  • Note taking allows each person assigned to a project to access and update information specific to that candidate or client.
  • Keep better notes and ensure they are seen by all parties.
  • Track candidates from the minute he was added to the database to the current date and time.
  • Follow all progress, updates, and success with a one-click tracking tool that ensures you have all the information you need, at a glance.


  • Add a candidate by entering data or by Resume parsing.
  • Parsing gives you faster processing and also loads all the information in the resume  into the database, and making the entire resume searchable.
  • You can do parsing via email or from outlook plugin.
  • We can also load all your resumes via a batch process as well.
Resume parse


  • Create, edit and monitor all your placements in one place.
  • Generate detailed reports on placement activity.
  • Calculate profit margins for each placement, for each team and also for the entire company.
  • Customized placement forms where you can input different rates and project details.
  • Track trends in placements.
  • Export data to excel and CSV.


  • Track all your bench candidates at one place, monitor & review the exact state of all hotlist submissions.
  • Set filters, utilize hot-terms and other keywords to track your candidates and maintain a constant understanding of the current situation, all from one location.
  • Use a one click status update to learn all you need about prospects, all while keeping an eye on current trends and fluctuations in the field.
  • Configurable workflow to suit your bench process.


  • Measure your sales team’s performance.
  • Assess your consultant’s track record.
  • Create extensive reports, schedule at frequent intervals and export them.
  • Narrow on to TAT. Identify gaps for improvement


  • Send mass emails of your hotlist to all your contacts at the click of a button.
  • No limits on the number of emails you can send.
  • Use your own email templates or our standard ones.
  • Sync replies in application, dont switch between outlook and vultus
Contact Group


  • Utilize Boolean-style keyword searches for candidates by name, attribute, or data  input.
  • Save time by utilizing candidate headings and groupings, or by quickly filtering the field to  find what you need.
  • Ensure that you find the qualified candidate for the position each and every time.
  • Manage your candidate pipeline while you manage your overall candidate pool.
  • Perform updates and corrections, and view the overall progress of candidates through the  hiring process.
  • Be more efficient by gaining an accurate overview of all steps.


  • Set priority search terms to keep track of your best opportunities.
  •  Perform submission to clients / vendors from the recruit, no need to download resumes, attach to an email and send.
  •  Perform submissions with resume attachments from recruit via email.
  •  Schedule interviews for your consultants from within recruit.
  • Single Candidate multiple submissions. Alerts to Notify


  • View / Edit all openings at a snap
  • Easily attach or access supplemental Documentation
  • Customizable opening forms / fields
  • Customizable workflows
  • Openings can be labeled, flagged, tagged or assigned to specific recruiters
  • Provide access control on openings


  • Stay Informed by tracking positions, clients, and candidates throughout the entire recruitment cycle.
  • Track from opening creation  to placement
  • See all resume submissions at one place
  • Interview Scheduling – ability to send out meeting invites to candidates and interviewers
  • Build a better view of the field by processing relationships between action and result


  • Post Openings to job boards like Monster, Glass door, Dice, Career Builder, Tech Fetch
  • Share your openings on Social Networks – Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin
  • Send share Openings via mass emails to all contacts / candidates / vendor
  • Even post openings via Mobile


  • You’re own branded career page
  • Apply Via Website option
  • Opt-in Opening Subscription
  • Quick Implementation, almost Instant
  • Absolutely Free
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Customer Testimonials

  • Vultus recruit is user friendly application when compared to other tracking applications. Every update which I get from this product is convincing and I like the improvements and I have recommended this product to my associates where I worked. Customer service is good enough to respond on time.

    Saven Technologies Inc
  • This software is extremely flexible and customizable for my purposes as a third party recruiter. The support team is very responsive and have been excellent in helping me modify the interface so that it optimizes my specific business practices. They are constantly improving and adding features in response to feedback and still keep the pricing very competitive. I have recommended this to numerous colleagues and will continue to do so.

    iOmega Technologies Inc
  • I have used many different Software's for Recruiting purpose bur I'm very much comfortable with this software I know and with learning new tricks.

    Hadiamondstar Software Solutions LLC