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Vultus Recruit – Mass Mailing

Recruit mass mailing options creates better communication channels, organizational options, and multiple screening, filtering, and security options.


Vultus Recruit - Mailing

  • Send mass emails of the hotlist at the click of a button to all your contacts.
  • Promote your openings using our mass email service to advertise and get acceptance from applicants online.
  • Target candidates from your own database to get more relevant responses.
  • Monitor the delivery of the emails – Delivered, Bounced.

Vultus Recruit - Mailing Model

  • No limits on the number of emails you send.
  • Use your own email templates or our standard ones.
  • Pay as you go model – you pay for what you use only nothing more.
  • Mass mail using Outlook plugin.

Vultus Recruit - Email Lists

  • Create your own mailing lists as many as you want.
  • Build your list automatically using our outlook plugin.
  • Enroll any number of email ids using import or adding manually.
  • Duplicate, incorrect, invalid emails are removed by the system.
  • Auto email list maintenance of unsubscribed, spam and bounced (soft or hard) email ids.

Vultus Recruit - Mail Tracking

  • Track number of Deliveries
  • Track Nondeliveries – know reason
  • Track individual emails sent
  • Edit emails, delete from list