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Vultus Recruit – Client / Contact Management

It’s not enough for you to know what’s happening, you must, to be truly effective, be able to manage and conduct interactive contact with all relevant stakeholders.  Manage your clients and contacts to keep those relationships growing.


Vultus Recruit - Contact Management

  • Create and manage client contacts through custom detailed data.
  • Create distribution lists for real-time and automated reports, alerts, and updates.
  • Organize and parse contacts to increase effectiveness and productivity.
  • These contact are looked up for scheduling interviews
  • Configure if you do not wish to use client contact for interviews

Vultus Recruit - Activity Charts

  • Visualize and track all work accomplished for specific clients and client groups.
  • Follow all actions taken over time.
  • Generate reports and charts quickly and easily to increase your effective client communication
  • Client specific opening, submission, placement query for you to identify gaps for improvement

Vultus Recruit - Interview Scheduling

  • Manage, arrange, and report on interviews between clients and candidates.
  • Save everyone involved’s time and energy, and eliminate a key opportunity for failure, by using this tool to coordinate seamlessly between all involved parties.
  • Create Panel invite them as interviewee
  • Auto contact selection upon interview scheduling for a client.

Vultus Recruit - Call Management

  • Integrate and orchestrate all communications between clients and candidates.
  • Log all email and messaging communications, and administer group calls and chats.
  • Take charge, and eliminate the need for luck.