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Vultus Recruit – Candidate Management

Better manage your human resource data, at a glance, or in depth. Recruit enables you to better coordinate people, data, and processes in order to give you fingertip access to all candidate data, as well as the ability to organize, track, coordinate, and query that information. Nothing empowers you more than access to information.


Vultus Recruit - Resume Parsing

  • Add a candidate by entering data or by Resume parsing.
  • Parsing gives you faster processing and also loads all the information in the resume  into the database, and making the entire resume searchable.
  • You can do parsing via email or from outlook plugin.
  • We can also load all your resumes via a batch process as well.

Vultus Recruit - Candidate Flow

  • Update and alter candidate information at a click.
  • Search, query, categorize, and filter candidates, and view status and attributes in real  time.
  • Attach related documentation directly to their name without additional database management.
  • System also helps tracks the source of the candidate resume.
  • Sort all candidates into different collections based on skills.

Vultus Recruit - Pipeline Management

  • Utilize Boolean-style keyword searches for candidates by name, attribute, or data  input.
  • Save time by utilizing candidate headings and groupings, or by quickly filtering the field to  find what you need.
  • Ensure that you find the qualified candidate for the position each and every time.
  • Manage your candidate pipeline while you manage your overall candidate pool.
  • Perform updates and corrections, and view the overall progress of candidates through the  hiring process.
  • Be more efficient by gaining an accurate overview of all steps.

Vultus Recruit - Candidate Lifecycle Tracking

  • Optimized communications warrant better results.
  • Note taking allows each person assigned to a project to access and update information specific to that candidate or client.
  • Keep better notes and ensure they are seen by all parties.
  • Track candidates from the minute he was added to the database to the current date and time.
  • Follow all progress, updates, and success with a one-click tracking tool that ensures you have all the information you need, at a glance.