How does Vultus Recruit save my time in the recruitment cycle?

Recruit as a recruitment tool has emerged to reduce upto 90% time spent on several repetitive activities. We have automated several redundant activities and packaged them into a few features like resume parsing, tracking candidates and job openings, dashboard, role based administration, easy information access and more. These features have eliminated actions like creating multiple excel sheets, manual entry errors, complex screening and so on.

Is Vultus Recruit a cloud based solution? Do I have to add more servers to use this system?

You need not buy any hardware or software, OS or specific browser. The application is cloud based and will work with your existing laptops and desktops.

Can Vultus Recruit also support the solution offline on my system on premise?

No, Recruit is a cloud based solution allowing you to access it anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Are there any data limits on the data capacity? How much disk space will it occupy on my system?

Recruit, being a cloud based solution does not occupy any space on your disk.

Does Vultus Recruit support an email system? Can I integrate my existing email/ inbox with the system?

Yes, of course! Recruit is built to minimize duplicacy. You can integrate your existing inbox with our cloud solution. Experience how easy it is by asking us for a FREE DEMO.

I may need Recruit to address my customers and prospects. Am I allowed to customize email templates?

Yes, again! We believe that each client’s need is unique. To address unique needs and different customers, Recruit allows you to customize all your email templates and save them for future use.

What are the system requirements to setup Vultus Recruit?

All you need is a browser with internet connection on any of your devices like a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

What is the internet bandwidth required to use Vultus Recruit?

No such bandwidth limitations apply to the usage of Recruit. However, a good internet connection works in your favour to help you complete your tasks faster.

Where will all our data be stored? How is the backup done? Is it secure?

Your data will stored on our secured cloud servers. Constant backups are taken and stored in our secure cloud servers. We assure you the best security.

Is it possible to set a workflow on the system to ease our process?

Yes, you can set-up your workflow on Recruit.

How many users can be added to Vultus Recruit? We have a large hierarchy to cater to. Is there a restriction on the number of users?

There is no restriction on the number of users that could be added onto Recruit.

I have looked at the demo of Vultus Recruit and I love it. However, some aspects need to be tweaked for specific needs of my organization. Would you be able to help us with some exclusive features?

Definitely, we understand that one shoe does not fit everyone. EMAIL US about your needs, we will be happy to customize it for you.

How long will it take to deliver the software to me after placing an order?

You can access Recruit right away, after subscribing to it. There is nothing to wait for. If you need any customizations, we would attend to them immediately and will state the time required to deliver them to you. We want to bring the best to you so that you can make the most of it.

I experienced the demo and fits my organization perfectly. How do I buy Vultus Recruit?

One email to, with your requirements would get you started with us. We will confirm your requirements and share the subscription details. After your subscription, you can get started.


What kind of system support do you offer?

Our support is available 24×7. We will answer your queries immediately. If any technical issues are impeding your usage, we will resolve it asap.

Is there any setup fee charged to initialize this for us? What about training charges?

There is no set up fee involved. Recruit is easy and simple to deploy. If there is data migration involved, we charge a fee to ensure that you have all the necessary data on Recruit for a quick start. Training charges are a nominal, one-time cost.

I have many resumes to upload. Is there a way to conduct a bulk action?

Yes, we will be happy to upload them for you.

How do you support our team in implementing Vultus Recruit for our organization?

Our implementation process is simple. We understand your requirements, set-up your users and workflow. Any changes and customizations requested will be implemented in a short time.

Who can use Vultus Recruit? Is it only meant for small organizations/ large organizations/ recruiting agencies?

Anybody can use it. Recruit is built-in with all necessary functionality for your human resource department to operate seamlessly. It can scale as per your organizational growth. Single HR consultants or human resource departments or recruitment agencies or any other person who needs to address recruitment tracking can use Vultus Recruit.

Our needs are not addressed in the pricing plan, displayed on the website. Can I get a custom quote for my needs?

Sure, please drop a note at and we will reach out to you.