Disaster Recovery Plan

At Vultus, we take great precautions for your data and business continuity. In this respect, we have set up a disaster recovery plan in case an untoward event takes place on the server or the data center. Our design ensures the continuation of vital businesses processes in the event of a disaster. Vultus will protect your data from the effects of any significant adverse scenario and restore all the data till 15 minutes before the occurrence of the event. We can restore our applications to the most current time and date available. We have a clear idea of what needs to be restored when a disastrous scenario arises.

How does Cloud-Computing based Data Recovery work for us?

  • Quick recovery of data is seen in the cloud when compared with other recovery scenarios. We can restore the servers, app, and data in less than 2 hours.*
  • We keep multiple copies of information in sync at secure locations.



*Availability of these resources and response from the cloud service providers.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions, you may contact us using the information below.

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Suite 126, South Plainfield,
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