6 Ways to Get Quick And Better Responses to Your Hotlist Emails

6 Ways to Get Quick And Better Responses to Your Hotlist Emails

I guess, you always wondered why you are not getting responses to your hotlist/requirement emails? There can be many reasons for it – people did not get the email, the email landed in junk or spam, they did not feel the email was neat or they are too busy to go through your email.

Communication through emails is little tricky and the industry that we work for, I am sure it is much more than just tricky. Business in staffing happens mostly over emails. So it is crucial that you have your email reach your recipients in their inbox and on time.

There are many best practices that you can follow to improve your delivery and response rate. Here are 6 ways that you can do to make sure that the emails are delivered accurately.

1.       Send the email on the right day at the right time.

According to some studies, Tuesdays is hands down the best day to send emails. In 2nd place, it is Thursday.

And the best times are – 10 AM, 2 PM, 8 PM and 6 AM. Please note these are the times that the recepient should recieve the email. So make sure you take care of the time zones.

2.       Subject Line

Best email subject lines tell what’s within.

It’s common knowledge that one of the main driving points for anyone to open or view your email is – your email subject line. It’s the part that usually stands out the most in your subscribers’ inboxes right from the get-go, making your first impression for the content you’re sending.

You want the subject line to connect with your recipient and what better way than answering the question “what’s in it for me?” with the subject line. Judging from the data, answering that question in your email subject line is an awesome way to increase your open rate. You need to make it very clear what your audience will get if they just open your email to experience something they really desire. Also, you need to make it unique for it to stand out in their cluttered inbox.

The shorter your email subject line, the better.

3.       Colors

Colors are to highlight content. Just consider how will you feel when you receive an email with many colors? If you want your recipient to select a resume from your list of bench, then highlight that entry with a button next to it requesting the resume. Always follow the KISS rule – Keep It Simple and Sincere.

  • You can use Colors to the minimum and they should reflect your brand.
  • DON’T use ‘loud’ colors.
  • Keep things clean and simple.

4.       Signatures

Remember to include your signature in each subsequent e-mail to the same recipient so no one has to search for the e-mail with your phone number. Another tip:don’t include images and logos in your signature. These are often filtered out by spam filters and could result in your addresses not getting your e-mail at all. Limit your signature to three or four lines of text.

Signature Standard

Your Name

Title (optional),

Company (linked to website)

Phone number

5.       Not to End Up in Junk / Spam Folder

  • Don’t Use too many images.
  • Don’t use the word “free” too many times.
  • Don’t use ALL CAPS.
  • Don’t use lots of colored fonts.

But keep in mind, the primary driver of engagement for your list is you:your content, your industry, the list you’ve uploaded.

6.       Unsubscribe Option

Unsubscribe option is important. Do you know that emails without unsubscribe link are rated as spam? Yes, unless these emails are conversational chain emails any emails without an unsubscribe link are considered spam. Apart from that, also maintain a list of unsubscribes and ensure that you don’t send an email to them again.

These are few of the many best practices that we have highlighted however please add your views on this so that many readers like you can benefit from your contribution.

Happy Recruiting!!!

Rakesh is the Co-Founder at Vultus.