4 Hidden Facebook Hacks for Recruiter Success

4 Hidden Facebook Hacks for Recruiter Success

4 Hidden Facebook Hacks for Recruiter Success

Every Recruiter has to be a Marketer is wrong. I believe recruiter is always a recruiter and his contribution is valued in any company because unless he hires the best, company bottom lines won’t be the best. However, companies say Recruiter has to be a Marketer is because sourcing platform is changed from CB / Monster to FB / Linkedin. I am sure everyone one of you (Recruiters) are best in searching through these job boards and posting on job boards. Here are my two cents on how can you add Facebook to your sourcing strategy to source and post. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blogs, next blog is going to be on “Linkedin for Recruiters”.

1.       Myth:I am combining my professional and personal things on Facebook. I hide from my girlfriend that I work in night shifts 🙁

Don’t worry:Awesome thing Facebook did is lists. Create as many lists as you want on Facebook and start sharing content only to that list avoiding your girlfriend from seeing it. Go to ‘Friends List’ on your Facebook home in the left pane.

When you wish to share something on Facebook, may be an opening? Before you click on the post, navigate to friends at the bottom of the window and change it to ‘Friends Except’, followed by the list you wish to share with and that’s it.

Suggestion:You are now running engagements which are specific to the target. Hurray, expect more responses.

2.       Groups

Did you try searching groups with h1b in Minnesota? I am sure most of you are trying it out now. If you see no results don’t worry, try h1b community and you will find more people for you to target. You also try with Microsoft Technology Community, SAP User Community, so on.

Suggestion:Most of these Groups may not be public and hence you may have to join them. Tell them that you will help them find a job, I am sure most of the groups would be interested in making you part of them.

3.       Search

I neither invented the above two points nor going to invent this one. Search with friends worked at Capgemini and you may find people that you target. You can also search for friends working at California and broaden your search by filter options on the left pane. You may also try, people who like ‘dot net and live near New Jersey’.

Suggestion:Experiment with more search strings like ‘account manager live near Dallas’ and I am sure you are going to make your next submission from Facebook.

4.       Aggregators

There are many tools/Chrome extensions that you can use to fetch email addresses and/or phone numbers of people that you target in Facebook. Options like import.io, Rapportive, Interseller.io are few of the many tools that can be handy and get this job done.

Suggestion:I am not promoting any of these products, hence please do your research before using any of these applications.

With 1.94 Billion users on Facebook, I am sure the candidate that you wish to recruit is hiding somewhere. Though Facebook is not built for Recruitment’s, it is hard to ignore the potential that Facebook has to offer. Statistics say that if you are using Facebook from long, then you are actually 3 to 4 connections away from any person that you wish to connect on Facebook.  Your friend’s friend is the candidate that you are looking at? Then it is more likely that your friend will connect you to your Friend’s Friend on personal interest. Think about this, your friend on Facebook is someone that you personally know, he might be your roommate, colleague, co-traveller, classmate, close friend or someone but you know most of them personally and this is the benefit that FB gets to the table.

I have covered major of the points, however feel free to leave your feedback or any point that you think I missed here.

Happy Recruiting!

Happy Staffing!

Ragotham Reddy

Customer Success Engineer at Vultus