Mirror your Staffing Business

Vultus unique features will have you save time, efforts and resources with surfacing hurdles for you to take informed decisions.

Collaborative Hiring

Hiring is no more just a process in Staffing, indeed it’s the business. Collaborative hiring will get the best for the client and boost your business.

"All there" Mapping

Every recruiter works on many openings in parallel and it’s important that a intelligent systems help them suggest apt candidates to openings.

Easy Meetings

When key topics at meetings and updates managed followed by task assigned to each of you then what else? Eliminate pen & paper, meet in Vultus.

Smart Documents

Ensure organization is compliant with all employee & company documents. Get I9, LCA pay alerts, work permit document accurate expiry reminders.

Multiple Companies

You handle multiple companies? Vultus does that for you. Access multiple companies with single login however each entity finances are individual.

Actual Pays

Employee pay is not just their Payroll Pay but also other headers like Off -projects, Expenses, Insurance, Tax, etc. Get a Click away payroll report

Vultus Recruit
Vultus Recruit

Start lowering time-to-hire and increase placements. Get new levels of recruiter productivity and streamline processes to address business challenges and achieve greater levels.

vultus connect logo
Vultus Connect

Start connecting with your consultants working across the globe. Enable them with quick access to their documents and you get their time sheets on-time. Increase employee satisfaction.

Number of Timesheets Submitted
Number of Hours saved per week
Number of Invoices Generated
0 X
Increase in Placements
10 M
Number of Emails Sent & Tracked
0 %
Increase in Timely Receivables


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This is what Vultus users think

  • We had a very bare bones systems prior to implementing Vultus Recruit and have been amazed with the functionality and ease of use that application provides. With Very little training, team was able to jump start using Vultus Recruit. we are continuing to find new features in regular intervals that have made us so much more efficient.

    Gateway Solutions, Inc
  • The software features and their compliant process adds significant profits to our bottom line making the support staff lean. Our employees and consultants enjoy and cherish the real time data that the portal provides. This clarity allows everyone in our team to be on the same page without crisscrossing each other…..we Vultus as a day to day thing.

    Hadiamondstar Software Solutions LLC
  • Vultus Connect is intuitive and easy for us to adapt to and capable of customizing to manage our complex requirements, we are saving time and money by having a fully automated solution. Their product features fit straight to my business and Vultus is easy to use, it took hardly any time for us to start using and we have started realizing benefits within no time.

    Broadgate Inc
  • Vultus was a very good move for our company. Employees enjoy the friendly interface and prefers working with Vultus. Many comment from my users is that it is easy and straight forward to work with, less steps and clear precise instruction on how to do things. Vultus met all of our business needs. The whole team loves to work with Vultus.

    iOmega Technologies Inc
  • Vultus Connect is easy to use like QB and I like one invoice option i.e. simple and easy. Once upload timesheets Vultus connect create the invoice automatically.

    Logic Planet
  • Connect has helped me manage my cash flow and monitor my tasks effectively. Workflow is very smooth and easy. It has also helped me be compliant with respect to documents, etc. My consultants are extremely happy with this tool because they can submit the timesheets quickly and also they get all documents in one place.

    Saven Technologies Inc
  • A well-crafted user interface and ease of use make Vultus Connect a great tool that has been minimizing process time and maximizing efficiency in our organization. Personally, I felt many of the functions performed by Vultus are smart and efficient. Most importantly the management reports are a charm! And love them seeing on my mobile device too! With Vultus, invoice generation for us is a click of a button! Our consultant's rate Vultus an A+, for the ease with which they manage their time sheets and immigration documents.

    iOmega Technologies
  • The software is built well with comprehensive modules with very good integration between them. Vultus Connect and Recruit has been immensely helpful to our line of business primarily helping with streamlining the workflows in our organization and tightly integrating all the workflows provide a smooth business work flow. The customer support has been excellent providing around the clock support and have been very helpful. Keep it going Vultus team!

    Hadiamondstar Software Solutions LLC
  • Vultus recruit is user friendly application when compared to other tracking applications. Every update which I get from this product is convincing and I like the improvements and I have recommended this product to my associates where I worked. Customer service is good enough to respond on time.

    Saven Technologies Inc
  • This software is extremely flexible and customizable for my purposes as a third party recruiter. The support team is very responsive and have been excellent in helping me modify the interface so that it optimizes my specific business practices. They are constantly improving and adding features in response to feedback and still keep the pricing very competitive. I have recommended this to numerous colleagues and will continue to do so.

    iOmega Technologies Inc